Client: Aleksandra Vocal Coach
Role: Logo, Brand Identity, Art Direction
Creative Direction: Aleksandra Kotowska
Photography: Czesc i Czolem Studio,Warsaw
Year: 2021


Aleksandra is a vocalist, songwriter, and music producer. She came to me while working on launching her international voice coaching and vocal training business.


create personal branding

Our main goal was to define the style, colour palette and vibe of Aleksandra’s personal brand. Logo creation and branding materials design was the first step.

build a website with booking system

Second, also crucial element, was UX design of the website that had to include a reservation system for Aleksandra’s students – both those willing to book a trial call and regular students.

my role

I designed the custom-lettered logotype and put together a brand guide with clear instructions as to how create social media and promotional materials. I also art directed the photoshoot that became a signature visual for all the communication channels incl. instagram, ads, facebook and website. The photoshoot was done by an amazing photography studio Cześć i Czołem

typography and colours

The logotype was based on Aleksandra’s handwriting combines with letter shapes from Printed Moments typeface. Montserrat was picked as a classic, elegant and highly readable font that’ll work well both for digital and print. 

As for colours – the main burgundy shade was inspired by Aleksandra’s hair colour which she’s very well recognised for – it’s a part of her identity.

user interface design

research phase

We started off with a team brainstorm to understand Aleksandra’s clients (target users), gather ideas on website elements and map out user flows. 


I started sketching wireframes for main website and for the reservation module straight away. The main purpose was to create an intuitive and convenient UX architecture that’ll serve both informational and practical functions. 

wireframes and high fidelity designs

When the initial sketch work was completed, I moved onto wireframing. I used Miro for a quick and efficient wireframe creation so that we can further discuss the designs shortly after. 

class booking system


We used Latepoint as a booking system plugin.

social media design

My role was focused around setting clear guidelines for Aleksandra and her Social Media assistant to help them work on promotional materials and day-to-day communication. I wanted them to have a good understanding of the brand’s visual language and to feel confident in using it. 

The following designs were created by Aga from Ja i Moja Firma – it was a true pleasure to see them in action on Aleksandra’s instagram with the colours, fonts and photography all coherent.