Tik Tok for Creatives
All that you need to know about the most hip and fast growing platform of 2022
with Ola Kajo
Saturday, 13.08.2022 | AMSTERDAM
TikTok for Creatives - First Steps Workshop

Launching and promoting your biz on TikTok


If it sounds familiar you're in a good place.

Hey there! I'm Ola Kajo.

I’m an Art Director, Designer and Photographer with 10+ years of experience on the creative market. I work with brands and entrepreneurs to help them become visually amazing and find creative ways of advertising. Since 2017 I’m co-owning and crative-directing a leading polish jewelry brand KAJO Jewels.

TikTok is one of the most popular and most powerful apps right now. We tend to associate it with Gen-Z, but the truth is everyone is there. Your niche and dream clients are there, among 1+ BILLION users worldwide. And the best thing is – it’s all not that hard to learn and put into action. 

So let me tell you a bit more about this Course!

who is this Course for?

If you have a vision for your brand’s communication, but have no idea how to turn it into great, funny and eye-catching videos.

If you’re a brand owner and don’t feel like spending so much time and money on an expensive content creation.

If you want to learn how to create amazing videos all by yourself using just your smartphone and TikTok app!

If you want more genuine interactions with potential customers that’ll help grow your brand.

If you want to take your business to the next level with the fastest-growing social-media platform on the web.

If you want your brand to look professional, consistent and amazing!
And you want to know how to achieve it.

Whether you’re looking to boost your personal brand or hoping to generate revenue for your business, you need to be on TikTok. And I'll show you how!

You won’t find this knowledge on the Internet – it’s the only chance to learn from a professional and get a unique hands-on experience that’s so valuable! There are 4 key elements and many tricks that you’ll find useful later on.


First Steps

I’ll teach you all the important basics step by step. We’ll go through account setup, defining your niche and using the app with ease, confidence and joy.  


Creative Process

You’ll learn how to look for inspiration and video ideas. I’ll show you how to find and analyse top creators and hashtags and we’ll talk about the algorythm.


Filming & Editing

You’ll learn how to shoot aesthetically, quickly and efficiently and how to edit your videos, add text, voiceover and more. We’ll go through posting techniques and dueting as well!


Tips & Tricks

I’ll share with you all my tricks, extra apps I use and all the methods I’ve been using to create top quality, engaging content and gain real traction on Tik Tok. 

Yea, it’s me again! I’m Ola, co-founder of SEAGULLS STUDIO and your teacher in this course. At SEAGULLS STUDIO we work on branding projects, we develop marketing strategy for our clients and build amazing websites for them. This year we’re taking a step forward and launching SEAGULLS ACADEMY with all our knowledge for entrepreneurs and small biz-owners just like you!

I know how it feels to be lost in another brand new, hip app when you already have a million things on your head – that’s why I put all my experience into this Course and it’s all here waiting just for you!

The answer is simple – new platforms give you new opportunities. I love that one quote from good old Einstein that goes like this: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

That’s exactly what I mean. By learning a new medium and placing your band in a new context you open up to a sea of opportunities. Literally, it’s more like an ocean with 1+ BILLION users. TikTok users love the app. They spend an average of a WHOPPING 95 minutes per day (over 1.5 hours) in the platform. Imagine having access to this whole crowd!

In this masterclass, I’ll show you exactly how to achieve a solid base for Tik Tok growth. I’ll teach you how to work effectively, how and what to communicate to your audience. You’ll leave this course with a fully setup Tik Tok account and a ton of knowledge and ideas.

We’ll focus on hands-on work and you’ll be able to experiment and find what suits you and your brand. And it’ll be a lot of fun, I promise.


Give yourself and your brand a chance to flourish
and learn a skill that'll change your work forever!

TikTok for Creatives - First Steps Workshop

Is the course right for you?

Tik Tok for Creatives Course


We’ll begin with a short introduction over coffee/tea. I’ll tell you a bit about my approach to Tik Tok as a platform and we’ll talk about what you and your brand needs, so that later on we can focus on what you really need. 

  • A little about me and about you and your needs
  • Tik Tok Basics – how to set up an account, choose a username?
  • How to write a good bio?
  • Is it worth adding a link to your website?
  • How to navigate the app?

In this module we’ll begin with some of my tips to get your creative juices flowing. I’ll show you my bulletproof methods for planning content creation and posting – it’s a real game changer!

  • Setting a mood, colour palette, fonts etc for your profile
  • How does the mytical algorythm really work?
  • How to learn and get inspired within the app?
  • Viral Marketing Strategies

Once the ideas are ready we move onto the actual work – shooting and editing.  You’ll have a chance to look over my shoulder and sea real-time recording and editing. 

  • Principles of shooting a video with a smartphone
  • How to shoot a video with Tik Tok app?
  • How to add music/sounds/voiceover?
  • How and when to use effects and filters?
  • Do you really need to add captions?

We’ll finish with my favourite part – tips and tricks, my Secret Sauce! I’ll share with you some useful hints and techniques to make your work even quicker and more satisfying. 

  • How to grow your community in a smart way?
  • How to setup a content planning calendar?
  • How to keep your ideas fresh and not get overwhelmed?
  • Where to look for inspiration?

Your Investment






All that you need to know

You don’t need an prior knowledge and experience in photography – I’ll teach you all you need to know. The only skill that’s needed? Knowing how to use a smartphone. Yea, I know, but still  😉

On the other hand if you already have some experience in smartphone or DSLR photography, you’ll have as much fun during this Masterclass. We keep our study groups small (max. 6 students) to ensure I can personally work with every single person and pay attention to everyone’s needs. So yes, everyone’s welcome. 

I’ll be working with my oldie but goodie iPhone 8+, but Androids are also welcome. Please make sure your phone is 100% charged before the workshop! And that you have plenty (at least 2GB) free space on your drive!

First of all – it’s a very niche topic and this Masterclass in one of the very few in the world (!) focusing on Smartphone Product Photography especially for brands/businesses. This Masterclass is based on years of practical experience and photography/art knowledge of the lead tutor Ola and of her team.  

Also there are only a few spots available. And this isn’t some sales trick, it’s because we deliberately want the group to be small. To make sure that after the Masterclass you will be 100% ready to take care of your brand’s photography or work commercially with great confidence. 

Sure! If you’re self-employed in the Netherlands, attending a masterclass or seminar is deductible as business expenses. The VAT to be paid is deductible.  authorities.

Save your seat at the coolest
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