Egoism which doesn't hurt

How to illustrate egoism?

This particular issue of “Zupełnie Inny Świat” was all about emotions – from love, affection, longing, through egoism, sadness, grief all the way to anger, envy and hate. 

The article I illustrated talks about love and shows how obvious it is for us to love everyone around and how difficult we find it to love ourselves. The issue of self love is discussed in many contexts, but above all shown as a crucial feeling that’s not obvious for any of us.


Entirely Different World

Zupełnie Inny Świat

Zupełnie Inny Świat (Entirely Different World) is a polish cultural quarterly magazine. Each series touches a different cultural or social topic. Many socially engaged journalists, photographers and designers collaborate each month to bring this paper to the audience. 

Website: Zupełnie Inny Świat

Love. It’s been inspiring us, homo sapiens, for ages now. We all dream of it. We want to love and to be loved. We constantly search for it. When we think of it, the first thing that comes to our mind is the person we love – our mother, child, spouse, our friends. (…) But what about us? What about oursleves? What about a mature, unconditional and true self love?

We look around, we compare ourselves and our internal criticism is so strong. It’s so strong in us and very often we find it way easier to love and cherish somebody else than to find energy and courage to treat ourselves the same way. The fight is tricky but absolutely worth the effort.

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