MB Mentoring

MB Mentoring is a company brought to life by Michalina Bachta, a promising young mentor and entrepreneur. Michalina came to me with a dream of creating a brand that would let her express her desire to educate and inspire. We started from designing a logotype and a consistent visual identity and finished with setting up a Wordpress-based website for MB Mentoring.

ClientMB Mentoring
SkillsBrand Identity, Web Design

How should you brand a Mentor?

We wanted to make the brand stand out amond its audience – 18+ youngsters with huge ambitions and plans. We decided to go for light, almost pastel colour palette, keeping in mind the unisex nature of the message MB Mentoring should send out.

Logo Design

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Business Cards

For most of my clients who’s just started their businesses, business cards are an essential tool. First of all they help establish certain brand style and aesthetics. Secondly, they help their owners identify with their company even more. Last, but most importandly, they’re the simplest tool in face-to-face interactions during networking meetings and conferences.

In Michalina’s case the need for awesome business cards was natural. As a mentor her primary interaction with clients is very personal – it can be a meeting over coffee or a spontaneous encounter at a university corridor. We developed a set of unique and chic vertical business cards that definitely catch the eye!

Social Media Kit

A consistent set of social media posts for Facebook fanpage and Instagram professional profile makes all brand’s channels coherent and recognizable for a client. As the main theme of Michalina’s work is mentoring, I designed a couple of different quote-friendly graphics that she will use to inspire her mentees and potential clients.

There are also some lifestyle designs in the pack and a set of images describing her mentoring process in a step-by-step manner.


Thank you!

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