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Calligraphy is a passion of mine that always grows and evolves. I tend to experiment with different media and paper-types. There’s something about calligraphy that makes it both art and meditation to me – it requires an ultimate focus on one task only.

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Projects based on calligraphy require a creative concept for the lettering style and a lot of patience, clean mind and relaxed hand! There are many uses of handwritten calligraphy that your business may benefit from, such as:

  • envelope adressing  perfect for your wedding or a special event
  • custom lettering logos  to make your brand stand out, perfect for craft, artsy and parenting business
  • modern calligraphy projects  perfect for custom project such as window calligraphy or invitations
  • brush lettering  to make your visual communication unique

If you're dreaming of a calligraphy collaboration..