Client: KAJO Jewels
Role: Logo, Brand Identity, Art Direction
Creative Direction: Aleksandra Kotowska
Photography: Various Photographers
Year: 2018-present

project goals

KAJO Jewels is an online jewelry store that focuses on timeless, everyday pieces with some collections that relate to the newest fashion trends. I was responsible for branding, web design and growth strategy of the brand. 

Using a creative approach to social media and influencer marketing I built a dedicated client base of #kajogirls – it soon turned into a very close and strong community of like-minded women. No paid campaigns or ads were used – I focused on building brand awareness and reaching potential customers through visually engaging campaigns, amazing choice of influencers and a client-oriented strategy. 

brand identity

The first step was defining brand mission and personas, which contributed to building the unique style of KAJO Jewels that was then incorporated in all digital and print materials and social media channels.

web design

Together with a team of back-end developers we built a seamless e-commerce platform focused on passing on the mood of the brand and making shopping experience easy and pleasurable. Aside from design we focused on UX and IU to optimize the use of the webpage.

social media

Instagram was the main communication channer from day 1. Thanks to a strategic approach I manages to grow it from 0 to 18k+ engaged followers who gradually become our content creators. I overlooked all the imagery, writing, instagram stories and campaigns.

e-commerce building_

While building the e-commerce we focused on combining maximum readability and clarity with latest trends in web design and KAJO’s style.

The site is built on WordPress with WooCommerce as the sales operator. We used 40+ WordPress plugins and built 8 custom plugins to precisely cater to our needs.